Motivating Your Staff

Starting up a new business is exiting, and when the times comes to hire additional employees there are many ways to keep these new staff members motivated and excited to work for you.

Mentoring or being a ‘hands-on’ type of manager/boss where anyone can approach you about ideas for streamlining processes or new business models is a great way to help new employees feel comfortable and like they are a part of the company. This is also an excellent way to get to know your employees and engage with their personalities. Recognize and encourage their individual attributes, listen to and help them tweak their ideas until they become workable solutions. It is really motivational to feel as though you are a valued member of an organization.

Inject some fun into the office atmosphere with casual dressing days or ‘pizza Thursdays’, or use friendly competition to add an element of professional rivalry where the first employee to reach a set target first gets a half-day off or a dinner voucher.

Be an example to your workforce by being the kind of boss you would want to work for. Be patient while providing professional guidance and advice, keep an open mind for new ideas and recognize the strengths of your employees and manage them in an individual way rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

A large contributing factor to being motivated is feeling like you actually contribute and that your boss sees you as you, and not as a cog in some machine, so treat your employees like this. Let them be innovative without fear of ridicule and allow them to be inspired and creative while they’re being productive. Above all, let their ideas and suggestions be heard, listened to and put into action where appropriate.