Moving to the Cloud: The Benefits For Your Business

The cloud seems like something of a mythical place. There is a lot of hype around it. But, it’s not as mythical as one may imagine. The cloud, put simply, refers to the internet. But, there are a lot of benefits for businesses to using cloud solutions.

Cloud computing has become prevalent in the onset of 2014. Going into 2015 and beyond, the cloud is going to become much more than a mere buzzword. It is going to become a mainstay of businesses all around the globe.

Companies need a savvier approach when it comes to tech. Many businesses now have social media accounts and online, e-commerce ventures. CEOs and entrepreneurs use the digital age to their advantage with SEO and marketing techniques.  But, away from sales and marketing, the internet is proving to help businesses in a more robust way.

Cloud computing is becoming a mainstay.

There are a lot of benefits for migrating your business from software to cloud solutions. Let’s find out more.

What is “the Cloud”?

In layman’s terms, cloud computing refers to computing that is based on the internet. In the good old days of desktops and abacuses, businesses used different kinds of software. The software was physically installed into the computer. This came in the form of accountancy software or invoicing software.

Think about the Microsoft Office package. This comes equipped with spreadsheets, presentations and word processors. But, all of this software can now easily be sought within the cloud. This means that you have unlimited backup and storage. This is one of the biggest advantages of cloud computing. However, we digress.

Cloud computing is becoming more attractive among SMEs and startups. Business owners want to ensure that they are using a more tech savvy approach to their day to day business operations.

Did you know that it has been predicted that by the end of 2014, companies around the world will have spent £100 billion on cloud computing alone? This is a tremendous sum, but it also shows the power of the cloud.

If you are hesitant about your company using cloud computing, it’s time to separate the myth from the fact. Many businesses, irrespective of their size and turnover, are grasping out at the cloud because it has a plethora of benefits.

So, what are these benefits? Here, we will find out.

The Need for Flexibility

Let’s be honest, bandwidth is an SMEs nightmare. There is never enough of it. Fear not, entrepreneur; you can have more bandwidth with a cloud computing solution. This means that you can meet the requirements of your company and not stretch your internal IT to capacity. So, when you are working with servers, you can ensure that you are not prone to crashes and other problems that software can cause. Flexibility in business is highly desirable. Never again will you have to worry if your computer, servers and internal IT solutions are going to fail. This means that your output is increased. Meeting business demands is at the heart of cloud computing.

Disaster, What Disaster?

Losing files can be something of a pain. In fact, the impact can be catastrophic on a business. With this in mind, companies often have disaster recovery plans. But, like many things, these are often prone to failure. Cloud computing allows companies to relax when it comes to disaster recovery. Why? Well, disaster situations are greatly reduced. This is because a lot of clouds providers provides this kind of solution as standard. Typically, this is done because they can deal with the issue as it occurs. So, you don’t have to get your IT team to frantically resolve the issue. Your provider does this on your behalf in a quicker way. Of course, you should never abandon your disaster recovery plan. But you can lessen the complexity of your strategy. This means that your business can operate in a more functional way. What is more, you have more time to focus on your core business needs.

6940922750_48c7670324_zImage: Wajahat Mahmood

Software Updates: Automating Your Processes

Cloud services from ensure that server maintenance is done on your behalf. For many business owners not having to ensure that they have software updates themselves provides great relief. Did you know that 18 days per year are spent on updating software? That means that nearly three weeks of the working year are wasted. Essentially, cloud computing gives you the gift of time. You can spend these additional days soaking up the sun, or making more money. As the CEO, the choice is yours.

Minimising Rollout

When it comes to installing and implementing new systems and software, the whole affair can be tedious and laborious. But, with cloud computing the implementation of new tech is lessened. Overall, the time that it takes to install cloud computing is less. It’s faster to deploy. This means that the operating costs, overall, are reduced. Who doesn’t want a reduced turnaround time with significant savings?

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Cloud computing means that you can collaborate in real time. Yes, you don’t have to wait for someone to exit a document before you can edit it. This can prove to be a definite advantage for all of those on your payroll. This means that tasks can be completed more quickly. But, it also means that greater communication over work can be sought.

A Truly Global Workforce

Do you have reps or staff within your company that need to work on the road? Do they need to go international with their work? If this sounds familiar, then you need to consider what cloud computing can do for you. Whether your team of reps are in Birmingham or Bahrain, they can work from their laptops at any point. They only need internet access. This means that they can have a greater work-life balance, but you can also ensure that core tasks are completed.

Security Matters

One of the biggest dilemmas that CEOs face is whether their current software is secure enough. Cloud computing reduces security errors tenfold. As the data is not stored within a physical device, hackers cannot access critical company information.