Online Marketing: Does Your Website Need An SEO Makeover?

Search engine optimization is a hot topic when discussing website marketing. Without SEO, our websites just won’t rank well in search engines for our keywords. And the content on our pages would end up being irrelevant to our target audience.

The thing is; some site owners just have no clue their online homes need an SEO makeover! Here are a few telltale signs to illustrate just what I mean:


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You’re missing out vital statistics

When you run a website, it’s important to find out who visits your site. You also need to know when they do so, how they do it and where they come from. Information is crucial when doing online marketing. If you don’t check your site’s analytics each day, you ought to start doing so!

But, before you can do that, your site will need to have an SEO review. That’s because Google and other search engines might be blacklisting your pages. Example reasons include duplicate or irrelevant content. If you never check your stats, it’s likely your site has never had an SEO check. And that’s bad news.

You have no idea about keywords

Do you just write content on your website without giving it a second thought? If so, you’ve just given a classic reason to seek help from an SEO company. It’s crucial each page has a particular keyword or phrase for search engine optimization.

Why? The answer is simple. Let’s say that you go to Google and search for “fishing supplies.” And let’s also assume that you run an outdoors equipment business. If you’ve got a “fishing supplies” page on your site, that’s the phrase you need to focus on.


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If the only mention of that term is on the page title, you will seldom be high on the list of results pages. Whereas if you used that phrase many times in your content, the page would rank better. Of course, by that same token, you shouldn’t “stuff” keywords on your pages. Otherwise, search engines will assume you are a spammer!

An SEO consultant can describe to you the best methods of incorporating your keywords. They’ll also talk to you about how often you should do that without it looking spammy.

Your content is boring

One way of driving visitors away from your website is if you create boring content. When people use the Internet, many do so to find the answer to a problem. For example, they want to locate a plumber in their area.

It’s important you deliver relevant, useful content to your readers. That way, you can keep them engaged and convert them into paying customers. The last thing you want to do is make them visit the websites of your competitors!

You know nothing about link strategies

Back in 1997, it was commonplace to establish “links” pages on websites. These days, it’s considered a spammy practice! If you still believe things from almost 20 years ago are relevant today, stop. Next, get an SEO expert to review your site and tell you where you’re going wrong.

So, what would happen if you didn’t take advantage of current SEO techniques? Well, you’ll run the risk of your website disappearing into obscurity! Effective link strategies are important in the world of SEO. Don’t leave it to chance.