Organise Your Office And Boost Productivity

Everyone knows that a tidy work space makes for a tidy mind. When the office is a mess, it can be hard to concentrate. It’s even harder to find the file or folder that you want quickly! What you need is an organised system to regain control of your unruly office. Once there is an organised system in place, you’ll work harder and faster. Your space will be clean, allowing you to free your mind from the stress that surrounds you.

It all starts with a spring clean. Get rid of all of your unnecessary clutter. Find homes for the important things, and discard the things that just take up space. Work out a more efficient filing system to eliminate the paper build up. Finally, go a step further and suggest broad, office-wide changes. A clear and organised office will lead to higher productivity and a fresh perspective.


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The biggest problem in offices is the sheer amount of unnecessary stuff that builds up. Press releases piling up in the corner, an old plant you thought would brighten the place up. Anything that is gathering dust or sitting unused for more than two weeks needs to go. Be brutal here, purge your workspace of everything you don’t need. January is a great time to do this. Make it an important first step to moving forward in 2015.

Find a home for the important things

Now that you’ve eliminated the unwanted stuff, find a place for what’s left. Nothing should just sit on your desk. Use draws, filing cabinets and storage cupboards to keep things tidy. If you need more room, speak to Storage Direct and get more room installed. When everyone knows where things are, people can get on with their jobs efficiently.

Create multiple folders

Keeping track of every piece of paper that lands on your desk can be a nightmare. Flicking through hundreds of old invoices and reports to find that one thing you need is slowing you down. Cut this problem out of your life and create a sensible filing solution. This doesn’t need to be high tech. Get yourself a few ring binders and start naming them. Tailor it to your needs. Our suggestion would be a meetings folder (for things that need to be discussed). Then a reading folder for pending information and a ‘waiting on response’ folder. This is for any work that needs chasing up in the future.

Suggest a cloud storage system

Some offices are over-run with papers and documents. Not even the best filing system in the world can tame the white jungle of paper that floats around the desks. In that case, you need a cloud storage system. It lets employees access vital documents and information on the internet. You only print the documents you really need. It’s a much faster way of accessing data. Plus, you’ll save on printing.

There you have it folks, a few handy tips for organising your workspace. Clear your desk, clear your mind and start working more productively. Make 2015 the year you get organised!