Outsource Your Way to Success

How much are you worth an hour?

If the answer is more than few bucks, then it’s almost certainly worth outsourcing some of your workload. Freelancers around the world can earn a good living on what would be a poverty wage in Western countries. They’re often educated, experts in their field, and available to work as little as a couple of hours for you.

Say you own an online store:

  • Why not outsource the book-keeping to Bangladesh, where you’d pay $5 an hour for a trained accountant to get your books in order.
  • Why not outsource customer service to the Philippines, where English speaking staff can help your customers for $3.50 an hour.
  • Why not outsource researching and finding new suppliers, or cold calling new customer leads?

There’s a whole bunch you can outsource – even if it seems complicated, as long as you can produce a step-by-step guide it can be done. Many freelancers will even know more about the topic than you do, as they specialise in doing it day-in-day-out. If they’re cost per hour is lower than you’d be prepared to work for, hire them and put your time to more productive uses.