Promotional Staff Can Take Your Sales To The Next Level!

In its simplest form, business is about making sales. The more sales you get, the more you can grow and expand. And, finally, the more chance you have of succeeding. Everything else is based on the sole purpose of selling products and services for a profit. As your business revolves around sales, it is important to address issues that can take them to the next level.


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In today’s industry, there are plenty of new age technologies and software programs that are said to do the job. The problem is you can never tell when one is going to work and when it is going to be a failure. You are better off going with a technique that you know will work, like a team of promotional staff. What, don’t you think that promo staff can work? Let’s have a look and see.

  1.    Interaction With People

You cannot deny that the rise of technology is important in a lot of people’s eyes. Shoppers love the fact that they can walk into a store and not have to communicate with anyone before leaving. It makes the process so much quicker and easier. Still, that doesn’t mean there are not customers who don’t like the back and forth of human interaction. People love walking up to a stall or booth and asking what they do and what they are selling. The result is that you don’t even need to approach anyone to make a conversion. And if you do, you have more chance of persuading them to make a sale by talking to them face to face. Machines are incredibly impersonal in that sense.

  1.    Personality

Never underestimate how much personality plays a part in making a sale. If you think about it rationally, you will be able to think of a few occasions where a sale’s person charmed you into a sale. The best ones are incredibly effective because they can use their personality to maximum effect. A simple chat might seem harmless, but it is already building a relationship between you and the company. You start to like the person and what they have to say, and you become more open to the thought of making a purchase. Even if you don’t, you will remember the nice person with the lovely smile who took time out of their day to talk.


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  1.    Enhances The Experience

Most days, nothing of note happens when a consumer goes shopping. They might come across a few deals, and they might spot something they like. But, on the whole, it is not a day worth remembering. Step forward your brand ambassadors. Full of life and verve, they instantly make the day more enjoyable. The customer, even if they don’t make a commitment, laughs or smiles or just remembers the cheeky person promoting a company. And what was the name of that company again? Oh, that’s right – it was you!

  1.    Promotional Staff Never Let You Down

Machines breakdown – it is that simple. Unfortunately, they cannot run forever, and they cannot always work to their maximum. Just like human beings, they have flaws. The problem is when they breakdown, the whole system crashes. Most businesses base their sales around their online presence as an online presence is a vital tool for modern day businesses. However, putting all your eggs in one basket is not wise, especially when it crashes. Promotional staff never breakdown. They are a trusty source that you can always rely on come wind or shine. That means they are constantly promoting your brand on a daily basis and reaching more customers.

  1.    Lures Customers In

The experts at Envisage Productions have let the world in on a little secret. It is not a big deal because you can’t change it even if you want to. Here it is: promo staff are effective because it is human nature. When you see a pretty girl or a good looking guy coming your way, you can’t help but stop for a chat. In fact, you do more than that – you flirt outrageously! It turns out that promotional staff play on a part of the human evolution that we cannot fix even if we wanted to, and it reaps the rewards. The next time you see a beautiful person with a clipboard and a warm smile, you try walking away!

  1.    They Represent The Company

As long as you train them properly, this is an advantage. Of course, there is the risk that they could go off-script and ruin everything. After all, you cannot program a human being. But, because of the financial incentive, most people will do their job to a high standard. So, when they talk, laugh and flirt with customers, it is all a representation of your business. The customer automatically links them to you, which is brilliant if it was a pleasant experience.

  1.    Can Cover A Lot Of Ground

There is no doubt that social media is the king of circulation. Within a matter of minutes, a post or a tweet can go viral around the world. Still, social media only covers a certain percentage of the population. What about the other people that don’t use social media or that don’t even use the Internet? How are you going to advertise to those people? You probably already know the answer. Promotional staff can cover a lot of ground and talk to a lot of people that you normally wouldn’t think of entertaining. A handful of new customers a day is enough to sustain a business and keep the money rolling through the door.

  1.    Quick And Efficient

Don’t let anyone tell you that sales persons are not quick and efficient. They are a wealth of information with regards to your business and the product, so they can tell a customer everything they need to know. All they have to do is ask a question and they get an instant reply. Hopefully, they can answer every question and put any doubt in the consumer’s mind to bed.

Now when you say you want to take your sales to the next level, you have no excuse.