Reduce Those Pesky Mobile Data Charges By Following These Top Tips

It’s never a happy time when you have to go through company cell phone bills for your employees. There is never a time when your firm receives bills that don’t have any extra charges.

These days, cell network operators have many attractive tariffs that can help your company to cut down on its mobile bills. But the truth is, business employees will sometimes go over their quotas.

It might surprise you to learn that it’s not because they make too many calls. Text message quotas are often unlimited, so it’s not that. What causes the bulk of excess usage charges is mobile broadband!

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Are you fed up of having to pay extra money for your employees to use the Internet through their company smartphones? The good news is that there are plenty of practical ways to kerb excess usage of mobile data. Today’s handy guide will tell you what to do to control mobile data usage.

Disable background app updates

Smartphones such as the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S5 can update app data when you’re not using your device.

“Push” technology lets your built-in email app download new emails on a regular basis, such as once or twice an hour. Doing that might not matter over a Wi-Fi connection.

But if it does it when you’re out and about, those mobile data charges can soon rack up! With most smartphones, you can disable background app updates across the board or per app.

Disable mobile data

Doing this might be somewhat extreme, but you can just disable mobile data on your employee’s smartphones. That way, they have no choice, but to use a Wi-Fi connection to get online.

As of today, there are no smartphone settings that let you restrict mobile data usage to a specific figure. It’s an “all or nothing” thing I’m afraid!

Be proactive when looking for Wi-Fi

The great thing about the age that we live in is that there are plenty of public Wi-Fi connections we can use. Most of those connections are free!

Instead of using mobile data connections, be proactive and seek a usable Wi-Fi connection wherever you are. For instance, your clients won’t mind if you ask to use their Wi-Fi connections.

Don’t create personal hotspots for your laptop

Do your employees travel often? If so, ensure they refrain from setting up personal Wi-Fi hotspots on their smartphones. Instead, have them use a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection wherever they are.

Your company will save a bundle on mobile data costs, and their Internet speeds will doubtless be faster and more reliable!

Smartphone apps such as Free Wi-Fi Finder are a great way of seeking out Wi-Fi hotspots that you can use. And that’s regardless of where you are in the world.

Use offline maps

A lot of employees will use their smartphones as a satellite navigation device. Although services like Google Maps might be free to use, they need an active Internet connection.

Consider installing offline maps apps on the smartphones your employees use. That way, they don’t need to go online to find directions to their destination!

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