Save Money On Office Space With These Handy Tips

Office space is one of the major expenses of running a business. Sometimes this can lead to disaster, when business isn’t going well, and the company can no longer afford the office. Because office space is no doubt one of the biggest spaces, it can lead to companies cutting staff numbers so they can downsize. It may seem incredibly difficult to compromise on office space – after all, you need somewhere to put your workers. But there are many ways you can save money on your office and move it further down the list of your expenses. Among them, you can rent out your space, use temporary buildings and use co-working spaces.

Rent Extra Space

If you have extra office space, or there are periods when you aren’t occupying your premises, you can consider renting them out. For example, you may have meeting rooms that aren’t used at the weekend or in the evenings. You might even have rooms that barely get used during the day. If you own your offices, rent out your meeting spaces for other people to use. It will mean there’s no space going to waste, and you’re bringing in some extra money to cover your expenses. It doesn’t have to be just for other businesses to have meetings either. You could rent your space out for classes, events and other activities.

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Portable Buildings

For a cheap and quick solution to extra office space, consider portable buildings. Buildings made from shipping containers are easily placed on your office site if you have the room. They don’t cost much to hire or even buy, and you can set them up with everything a permanent office would have. It’s easy to put in electricity and you can add internet connections and anything else you need. If you no longer need it, you can send it away. Sell it, if you own it, or turn it into a storage space instead of an office. You could even build your entire office out of shipping containers, for a cheap and eco-friendly option.

Co-working Spaces

If you’re a small business, a co-working space could suit you. Instead of owning or renting large offices, you can work from a shared building. You may be able to rent your own office or offices, or you can rent desk space in a shared room. Co-working spaces will also often have meeting space and recreational facilities, which many small businesses are unable to afford on their own. You could have many more facilities available to you in a co-working space than in an office you could afford.

You may even decide that you don’t need an office at all. Some companies prefer to work from home most of the time and occasionally meet  in a hired space. You can coordinate with your employees via the internet and over the phone. Many office-based tasks don’t need people to be in the same room together. The ultimate way to save money on office space is not to have one.