Secure Your IT Systems

How often have we heard this: “I lost my life!  Everything was on my phone!”?  What if your company became the victim of online crime and lost everything? In this case, the loss is not limited to one person, but a snowball effect occurs affecting everyone associated with your business.  Sensitive information in the wrong hands could have devastating effects.

According to the Norton Cybercrime Report, more than one million people are the victims of cybercrime daily and this number is steadily growing.  According to their report, the total cost of cybercrime is more than $388 billion and is significantly more costly than the cost of the illegal trade in marijuana, heroin and cocaine combined, running up a bill of $288 billion.  This means that organizations are losing client information and their own data at a rate of about 15 000 records every single hour of every day.

Basic hardware to consider might include firewalls that ensure that information can safely be retrieved from the Internet and through emails.  An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) means your data will be protected and not jeopardized during power outages, but it also protects vital network equipment like servers and ensures that these systems continue working.

Computer protection software is equally important.  This may include software programs protecting PC’s and the network against spyware, viruses etc.  Spam filters are able to recognize e-mails which are potentionally nothing more than spam.

Interestingly, storing your business data in a cloud based system might actually be one of the safest alternatives available.  The cloud system provider makes it their business to ensure be that information can be stored off site in an easily accessible environment with excellent security.  Without it, they wouldn’t have much of a business model.

While some people surveyed in a recent US poll by Norton admitted to caring enough about their smartphones to sleep with them, Norton is confident that very few of these internet users have thought to protect their phone, home and personal networks and computers against crime.

With increased ease of access to the internet crime statistics will climb proportionately.  Don’t become a statistic.