Seven Simple Ways To Impress Your Customers

How much do you worry about what your customers think of you? In any line of work, you need to make sure that you impress your customers. People come to you to get a service. That means that they want a certain level of professionalism. If you don’t offer your customers what they want, you could find that they start looking elsewhere. Here are seven simple ways to impress your customers.

Hire a charismatic receptionist

When a customer visits your office or place of work, the first interaction they have will be with your receptionist. Few people bother to think about how their receptionist represents the business. In fact, many businesses hire inexperienced receptionists because they are cheap. When you are looking for a receptionist, you should make sure that you hold the interviews yourself. You are looking for a person with a warm personality and a natural flair for charisma.

Dress the part all the time

Many offices have ‘dress down Fridays’ or similar practices. It is vital that whenever you deal with a customer, you dress the part. Customers want to see a professional when they deal with a business. They don’t want to see you dressed in jeans and a logo t-shirt. If you are going to meet customers, make sure that you wear a suit and tie. These small, simple things will make a huge impression on your customer. If you show your customer that you are professional, you will impress them.

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Show that you care about the environment

These days people want more from the businesses with which they deal. Show that your business is a conscientious company by employing eco-friendly systems. Solar panels for business places are a fantastic idea. If you install panels, make sure that your customers know about it. You could get the local press to write a story about how much your company is doing for the environment. When people see that your company care about more things than the bottom line, they will love you.

Answer questions in a clear way

When a customer asks you a question, make sure that you give them a clear answer. Talking in jargon or digressing from the subject matter will confuse your customer. Remember, you are the field expert, not them. That means that you need to simplify your services when you talk to customers.

Make the waiting room comfortable

If you see lots of customers at your office, you should make sure that they have a comfortable waiting room in which to sit. Comfort goes a long way when it comes to impressing customers. If you make people feel comfortable in your presence, they will be open to doing business with you. Create a space where people can relax while they wait for you. Make an effort to get daily newspapers or magazines for the space. It is small details like these that your customer will remember.

Respond to queries on social media

Having social media accounts is not enough. Most businesses have social media accounts, but few use them to their advantage. If a customer talks to you on social media, you should be quick to respond. Customers love it when you engage with them. That means that if they get a quick response, they will value your company. Don’t just set up automated tweets or status updates. Actively engage with customers online instead.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep

If you make a promise to your customers, you have to ensure that you can keep it. Customers value your reliability. That means that they expect you to follow through on your promises. Letting a customer down is the worst thing you can do. Instead, go above and beyond to keep your promises.