Simple Ways To Keep Your Business Safe and Secure


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If you want the truth then here it is. It is harder than ever to protect your business from the outside world. I am not just talking about thieves or embezzlers. You are now at risk from hackers and computer whiz kids. Do not underestimate how vulnerable you are because it will be your last mistake. A good hacker will take down your business security systems in a day. A great one will manage it in minutes. However, this scenario only affects the average business owner. You are no longer the average business owner. You have found this article, and I am going to tell you simple ways to make sure your investment is safe and sound.

Smile you’re on camera

We will get the basics out the way first and build up to the trickier stuff. If you own a building or block of offices, then you must invest the money to protect them. Make sure you have the latest security cameras fitted and installed. Hire a company to get you set up with the latest fences and locking mechanisms. I am not saying buy electric fences but going the extra mile could end up saving you a fortune.

Poorly lit, non-secure office car parks are a place people have been known to hang around in. Some bright lights, CCTV and proper fencing will go a long way to deterring this kind of behaviour. You should also make sure that your premises are well maintained.All this should be common knowledge so we will move on to tech.

Your files have been successfully Deleted

That used to be a message that reassured us. Not anymore. We now know that nothing is ever truly deleted. In fact, the only way to know for sure that something is deleted is to destroy the hard drive. The best way to do this is through hard drive shredding, and there are companies more than willing to help out. Do not leave those old computers lying around. This is particularly important if they have customers information on them. Ensure that they are wiped properly clean.

Riddle me this

It is easy to make up a password, but harder to create one that is difficult to guess. Imagine the worst happens and someone breaks into your office. If your passwords have anything to do with what is on your desk (family photo), then they will unlock your system in seconds. Find out how to make your passwords more secure and you will not regret it.

Just where does it go exactly?

More and more companies are using cloud-based systems to store information. I would not recommend following them on this leap of faith. Clouds do not have a good reputation for being secure with good reason. Do you remember the celebrity phone hacking scandal last year? Just think how much worse it would have been if the hackers had got their hands on account details or social security numbers. In theory, a cloud based system is great. You can share thousands of files with ease to any theoretical person. But remember, the easier the access, the easier the hack. There is also the problem with deleting files off a cloud. The problem with files being on a network is that do you not have access to where they are being stored. You can not guarantee they have been deleted. Stay as far away from a cloud-based system as possible until security options have improved. They are not there yet.

If you follow this advice you can rest easy knowing your company and its data is as secure as it can be.