Storage Ideas For Your Business

One thing many businesses struggle with when setting up an office space is how to house all the ‘stuff’ that builds up as your business grows. Storage is about making the best use of the space you have, and unfortunately it’s an aspect that gets deprioritised when you have a variety of more pressing matters to deal with. Below are some useful suggestions on how you can best utilise the storage in your business.

Add a Bookshelf

You can’t go wrong with a good bookshelf. Whether you’re after narrow, wide or staggered shelving, online furniture stores like Super Amart
will have you covered. And the best thing about bookshelves is they don’t have to be used just for books. Stack your folders, your stationary and even your business trinkets such as photos and awards. Bookshelves provide flexibility and take the hassle out of having to mount separate shelving – the last thing you want to be doing while working to a busy schedule.

Use Your Desk

If you have reasonably sized desks for yourself and your employees, using the space under it is a great storage solution for small office spaces. Under-desk filing cabinets are ideal, as not only will it be out of the way, but you also have immediate access to all your important files. Boxes are also a great option for storage under your desk, as they can be conveniently stacked on top of each other, and like the filing cabinets, are easy to reach.

Convert to Electronic

Let’s face it; you’re living in a highly technologically world now, so it makes sense to store all your files and documents as electronic copies. Although it might be a little time consuming at first, getting in the habit of scanning documents straight into your computer when you receive them will help to cut down some of the time. Having everything stored electronically and filed accordingly on both your computer and a hard drive will free up physical space in your office, leaving room for larger items that you do need immediately at hand.

Re-design the Space

What better way to grasp what your possible storage options are like then by taking a look at the physical layout of your business? How well are you utilising your office environment? Moving desks away from the walls is a good place to start, as it’s easier to incorporate shelving and filing systems against these flat surfaces rather than plonk them in the middle of the room. Shuffling around furniture will also give you a better understanding of what you actually need in your business and what you can rid of. Collect a pile of what you don’t need immediate access to anymore and look at placing them in long-term storage, such as archiving.

It’s not always easy to de-clutter an office space, but you need to in order to find out what type and how much storage your business will need. If you don’t sit down now and take the time to do it, the items that need storing will be out of control in no time, and you’ll be in a worse situation than you started. Get sorting and storing today!

How do you accommodate storage in your business, and what are some of the major problems you face? Discuss your answers in the space below.

Photo: © / Okssi68