Surprising Ways to Increase Your In-store Sales

The retail business can be tough. Whatever product it is that you are selling, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the ever-growing number of retail competitors. In order to keep your profits high, it is important to implement strategies to continually boost your sales. Here are a few ways that you can increase your in-store sales.

Give Your Store a Makeover

It is important that the look of your store appeals to customers as much as your products. Many customers are lost in just a few quick minutes, and most of the time it is because they cannot find what they are looking for, or they simply do not like the atmosphere of the store. That is why it is important to that your store makes the most effective use of your space and provides a layout that is both user-friendly and inviting. If you require help for redesigning or organising your store, visit

Create Memberships

Allowing your buyers to sign up as official members is a great way of increasing and solidifying your customer base. By collecting their personal and contact details you can keep in contact with them about new products and sales via regular emails or SMS. You can even offer exclusive savings for those that become members.

Offer Frequent Shopper Cards

During membership, you can provide your customers with personalised shopper cards for your store. This cards will entitle these customers to discounts or free products after they have made a specific number of purchases or accumulated a certain number of frequent shopper points.

Create Pleasant Aromas

Never underestimate the power of scent. For many people, the smell of a room will have a direct impact on their mood. A store that is stuffy, musty or contains any unpleasant aromas may put them off buying. It is bets to ensure your store has adequate airflow and incorporates a pleasant scent that is understated yet uplifting.

Offer Payment Plans

Many customers are deterred from purchasing a product because they simply cannot afford it at the time. Offering customer’s payments plans, can provide customers the flexibility to purchase the products they want. Some examples of payment plans are layby, whereby they can put down a deposit and pay the rest at a later date, and instalments, where they pay a set proportion of cash at regular intervals until the full price of the product is paid off. These options are particularly popular during holiday seasons, when people are spending excessive amounts of money and are often short on cash up-front.

Hold a Contest

There’s nothing like a bit of competition to get your sales moving. Allow all customers who have made a certain amount of purchases or spent over a certain amount in one transaction to go into a draw to win one of your products or a product bundle. Alternatively you can offer one of your store’s products as the prize of another small businesses competition.

Just by employing some of these surprising yet simple techniques in your store, you may be able to boost your sales and keep your customers loyal. So how about you? What strategies have worked in the past to increase your in-store sales?