The Benefits Of A Co-Working Space

Starting your own small business or working for yourself at home can be liberating, but it can also be lonely and quite honestly, a little boring at times. Sharing an office space with someone could well be the answer.

If your work is creative, such as design or writing, sharing an office space could be a great improvement, allowing you to interact with like minded people and bounce creativity off one another. This could become a little community and you would be able to share office amenities such as telephones, printers and hopefully a coffee machine!

Another advantage of a co-working space is having someone there to help you when your computer or scanner throws out an error code you don’t understand, or when you need a different perspective on a piece of work.

Being able to have an office space that you can physically leave is also a great psychological break at the end of a tough day, instead of avoiding parts of your home in fear of being sucked into an all-nighter.

A few other factors to consider before jumping right into a co-working space may include commuting. How far way is the office? Will you have to spend ages commuting everyday? Is it worth it? Choosing the right fit is essential, you want to able to trust your co-workers and trust that your office supplies are safe in the working space.

Another aspect to think about is just how creative or interactive are the people you could be sharing with? Will they be too loud or distracting? Will you be able to get more or less work done at the co-working space than you would do at home?

Undoubtedly there are definite pros and cons to sharing a working space with others and a little research into the right space for you will go a long way to securing the perfect fit.