The Best Business Apps 2014

There’s no getting away from it- technology is all around us, from voice activated dialing to one-touch up to date news on tablets. It seems that almost everybody has a tablet, and these can be particularly useful for conducting business. But with all the business apps available out there, which ones should you be using?

A great app to use when you’re on the go and need to be online is Free Wifi Finder. This app helps you stay connected and letsyou know where to find premium internet connectivity- great for startup businesses and entrepreneurs.

As much as our smartphone can help us stay in the loop, it can also be a source of never-ending distraction. Not with the new Focus Lock app, which allows you to choose which apps to block out for most of the day so you don’t get distracted with the latest baseball scores, traffic updates or Rachael Ray recipes. The app still lets you make and take calls and check your emails so you don’t miss out on anything really important.

 Another great app for the business person on the move is ETA. ETA keeps up to date with all the latest traffic reports so it tells you the perfect route to your next appointment across town, no more embarrassing late entrances into important meetings. 

The new EchoSign app from Adobe lets you sign documents electronically and securely so you can close deals from just about anywhere in the world. This excellent app also records and saves each document so you have an automatic back up.

Converter Plus enables you to convert just about anything from currencies, temperatures, metric to imperial measurements, distances and even loan interest calculations, this app will more than likely become indispensable for the international business person.

There are literally thousands of apps in use at the moment, most of them are free or relatively low-cost for the benefits they provide. So turn your Smartphone or tablet into a micro business powerhouse today.