The Best Way to Handle a Difficult Employee

In pretty much every workplace, you’re going to have a difficult employee. Whether they just don’t do what is expected of them or they struggle to get along with those they work with, there are specific ways you can handle situations like this. Many employers and managers tend to switch off, without actually taking the steps to fix the issue. Here’s the best way to handle a difficult employee:

Listen to Them

Instead of ignoring the problem, hoping it will go away, or zoning out completely, actually take the time to listen to this employee. Try to get right down to the root of the problem and ask yourself what is really going on. If you can do this, you just might be able to think of a solution that will benefit everybody. It’s really easy for managers to hope the problem will go away or simply ignore the problem until it all comes to a head, but this is the wrong thing to do.

Tell Them What to Do

So many managers will moan about a difficult employee, and some even go as far as to bad mouth them to other employees. But have you actually told the employee what the problem is? Have you told them how they can improve and what you expect from them? If not, you can’t expect them to get any better! They might not realise what is going on at all. Telling employees they’re doing something wrong can be very difficult, but it’s important you’re honest if you want things to improve.

Write Down Problems

Start documnting problems you have with the employee. Write down goings on in the office, and interactions that you have with them. If you don’t have any proof that they’re not meeting your expectations, you can’t legally get rid of them. Refusing to write things down won’t make them magically go away. This writing is an essential piece of content that can help you to stay on track, keep your employee on track, and get rid of them if needs be.



Offer Help

Try to help the employee if you can. As well as coming up with ways they can improve, do your best to help them feel more positive about their situation. If you do this and it still doesn’t work out, at least you know you’ve done everything in your power.

Be Consistent With Standards

You must be consistent with your standards, recommend Peninsula. You can’t let something slide 5 times and then go mad about it another time. Or vice versa. You must be consistent with the things you expect, and come up with suitable ways to show staff their behaviour is not acceptable.

Be Brave

If nothing changes, you must be brave and terminate this employee’s contract of employment. If you have all of the right documentation, you can take the steps necessary to get rid of them. Make sure you do this properly, and don’t delegate the task to somebody else.

Nobody wants to deal with situations like this, but that’s life. Good luck!