The Complete Guide To Building A Social Media Presence From Nothing

Building a social media presence can feel overwhelming. Especially when you have absolutely nothing to start with. You’ve created your Facebook and Twitter accounts, but you have no idea how to start getting people interested. How do you get those crucial first followers? Well, they’re the most difficult to attract. Building a social media presence is a snowball effect. It takes a while to build up that first part, but it builds fast if you get it right. Here’s how you build a presence from nothing.


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Twitter – This is the best one to get started with as its relatively easy to get a few followers. Twitter users are much more likely to click follow than Facebook users. The key to getting started is to follow a core selection of related users. Look at your competitors and follow some of their most engaged followers. Retweet their tweets and engage with them. You’ll start to see your first few follows this way.

Facebook – Facebook can be a little more difficult to get off the ground. But, it is by far the biggest platform. There are nearly a billion active users from every corner of life. The platform is reaching wider into every corner of society. This is opening up your potential audience on a global scale.

The first step to tapping into it is through Facebook’s invite button. Use it to invite your friends that you think will find your page relevant or interesting. The key to facebook growth is content. Once you have a few fans, start posting content that they’ll love. This could be photos, videos or articles. Encourage your small group to share and interact. Finally, Facebook adverts and sponsored posts can work well to attract new users. Experiment with this.

Instagram – Instagram is a little like Twitter in that users will happily follow others. Find beautiful and relevant images to post and build up a small archive of photos. Then start following others that post similar content. ‘Like’ their images and ‘regram’ them. Users will often take notice and follow you back. Instagram can be tricky to get the hang of at first, but there is money to be made. Successful entrepreneur Issa Asad has an interesting eBook entitled ‘Instant Profits With Instagram’. You’ll find one or two useful tricks in there.

Use your website – Your social media presence should all revolve around your core website. If you have a flow of website visitors, direct them to your social media pages through plugins and widgets. Take advantage of the ‘share’ and ‘like’ buttons on your website and content.

Advertising – Finally, to give your social media presence a real kick, you can use advertising. Facebook is particularly great for this. You can set a small budget and use it to reach out to a very specific audience. Set your target demographic and a monetary limit and Facebook will do the rest. You can also pay for promoted tweets on Twitter. Experiment with these options and see what works for you.

Those first few followers and fans are always the hardest to get. It might take a little time, but stick with it. So long as you have good content, they will come. Engage the community you attract and use them to build higher and wider.