The core essentials of a technology based business

Technology based businesses rely more heavily on “technology enabled” systems compared to standard enterprises, and they typically favor cloud based and on site solutions that support online activities. From on demand video for marketing, to mobile apps for business wide collaboration and innovative SaaS solutions, there are a number of core essentials that can support an IT focused business.


A speedy Internet connection will also power the voice over IP (VoIP) tech that will enable you to communicate effectively with clients and customers using services such as Skype and Vonage. VoIP also encompasses critical business functions such as web conferencing, video calling and email. For a new tech business, the cost savings from not having to install expensive phone lines can make a huge difference.

High-speed broadband connection

A good broadband connection can have a transformative impact on many aspects of a tech based business. It will make cloud adoption easier, support your VoIP setup and generally deliver a faster and frustration-free foundation for employees to work on a daily basis.

Office suite and online tools

Office suites such as Microsoft 365 are crucial for contact management and document creation and are just as important for tech-based businesses as any other. Basic software should be supplemented by multi-faceted online tools such as Evernote that can be used for collaboration on team projects.

Mobile and apps

The rise of bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives has placed a greater focus on the use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices for business activities. These devices can now be used to access data and complete work anywhere at anytime via mobile apps. Unified communication capabilities are essential.

Website and social media

The digital age is all about visibility. You need to be seen to be heard and building a corporate website and setting up a range of social media profiles on the likes of Facebook and Twitter will enable you to showcase your products and services and communicate directly with clients and customers. Both are SEO and marketing essentials for a tech business.

Modular server room

A modular server room can benefit even the smallest of enterprises by providing a physical infrastructure to store, power and operate the computer servers that underpin every aspect of your business and IT activities. Modular rooms are ideal for SMEs due to their low power usage effectiveness (PUE), scalability and cost effectiveness.

Hybrid cloud

Integrating on-premise solutions with cloud computing can provide enterprises with a unique mix of hardware and software that can enable them to take advantage of the benefits of each, rather than focusing solely on either. Cloud storage and disaster recovery and Software-as-a-Service solutions are among the capabilities that can be accessed.

Future essentials

A new report from PwC has noted, “to remain relevant and to succeed, emerging technology strategy needs to be a part of every company’s corporate strategy.” This means tech based businesses must integrate future tech essentials such as virtual reality (VR), 3D printing, drones, artificial intelligence and augmented intelligence into core corporate strategies to continue to adapt and thrive in an ever evolving digital landscape.

Photo credit: Karl-Ludwig Poggemann