The Importance of Adding Personal Touches to Your Products and Packaging

It’s tough to get your business to stand out from the crowd. Hardly anyone has a business idea that’s entirely unique. Which means you have to be doing something to differentiate yourself from everyone else. Preferably, you should be doing several somethings. There are all kinds of big and small ways you can put your mark on your products and services. From a brand tone of voice to having a clear idea of who your product is for and what you want to give them. By adding a personal touch to your products and even your packaging, you help your customers to recognize you immediately.

Branded Labels

There’s a huge range of different reasons for labelling products and different ways that you can do. For example, if you produce blankets you might embroider your brand name or have a fabric label sewn into the blanket’s edge. Whereas a beer company will label all of its bottles with paper labels. When you use custom label printing and apply labels directly to your products, the aim is to make your branding both appealing and eventually recognizable. If customers receive products that aren’t clearly labelled and branded for your company, the brand won’t stick in their mind. A branded label can turn something ordinary into a product with a personal touch that won’t be soon forgotten.

Branded Outer Packaging

You might also have branding printed directly onto outer packaging. This could be in the form of a box, a drinks can or several other different types of packaging. Branded packaging is great because it’s often kept for quite a while. Some food and drink items will be consumed, and then the packaging thrown away. But other items will stay around someone’s home or business for longer. Even better is packaging that can be reused or recycled for another purpose. For example, some companies have produced boxes that can be folded into a neat desk decoration. These could sit around in someone’s house for months, keeping your brand name in their minds.

Branded Mail Orders

If your business delivers items through the mail, you can also add personal branding touches to your packaging before you send them. You can have your logo and imaging printed on the package, so it’s recognizable as being from your company from the outside. But you can also add some small touches inside the package that help to show your brand’s personality. Some companies include a little hand-written note, thanking the customer for their purchase. Others might include a little bag of Haribo or a free sheet of stickers. You can make your products memorable from the very moment that your customers receive them at their front door. Each part of the process of unwrapping your product can keep your name at the forefront of their mind. And associate you with a pleasant customer experience. Just like your product packaging, you can make the packaging you use for delivery reusable too. So you can become a permanent fixture in your customer’s homes.

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