The Importance of Protecting Your Business From Burglary and Fire

Keeping your business premises safe from burglary, fire or other major incidents is important. But it can also be more difficult than protecting a domestic building. Since you don’t occupy the building at all times, business premises are more vulnerable to crime and damage. In fact, business premises are more likely to experience repeat burglaries than domestic homes. To protect your business, you should take precautions to limit the risk of burglary. You could also be at risk of criminal damage, accidental fire or damage to the building. There are several precautions you can take, including burglar and fire alarm systems and CCTV systems.

Change Your Premises

It’s possible that your business premises are unsafe due to their construction. There are several structural changes you can make. These changes can improve the security of the building and reduce the risk of a break-in. One major factor of your building’s security is the doors and windows. There are several types of doors you can install to reduce the risk of burglary. These doors include roller shutter doors, high-speed doors and steel-hinged doors. You can also install protective gates and barriers. For example, you can use anti-ram barriers and security grilles. Adding secure windows can be beneficial too.

Security Systems

The way you set up a security system could vary, from patrolling guards to burglar alarms. You might have an alarm that immediately notifies someone off-site when it’s set off. Or you could choose to have guards present on the site. They could either observe CCTV cameras, remain at the entrance to the site or patrol the premises. Having a system of CCTV cameras can also mean that you don’t need to hire anyone to be on site. Some will activate when they detect movement and alert the security company of any activity or incident.

Fire Alarm Systems

The risk of a break-in isn’t the only thing that you need to protect your business premises against. You should take robust fire safety precautions. This is particularly true for certain industries where the risk of fire could be greater, such as construction. You should ensure that your fire safety protocols comply with the law and any building regulations. Additionally, you should invest in a system guaranteed to protect your business. Services like provide wireless, portable fire alarm systems for both convenience and safety.

Data Security

Something that you can’t always protect with burglar alarms is data security. The way you house your data won’t always relate to the security of your business premises. But it is still significant to the security of your business. Businesses should make sure that they have security systems in place on their computer networks. In the modern world, theft via technology is just as important to watch out for as physical burglary.post20

Image by Mike Fleming

Taking extra security measures can also save you money on your insurance. Take security precautions before an incident occurs, instead of waiting until it’s too late.