The Importance of Regular Maintenance Checks For Your Office Equipment

If you look around your office, you’re sure to see a host of office equipment that’s essential to the running of your business. You may have put a lot of thought into the purchase of your equipment, but what you mustn’t do is forget about it after you’ve bought it. Don’t wait for something to break before you pay attention to it. Instead, you should perform regular maintenance checks on your office machinery and technology. Preventing problems is better than patching them up when they arise, and could be a lot cheaper too. A maintenance check could save you money when compared to a repair or replacement. You can help to keep your office equipment in good health by performing maintenance checks. But you can also draw up an equipment policy.

Office Equipment Policies

Setting up an office equipment policy can help to maintain the health of your office equipment. It can also help to prevent wasteful practices. You can begin with how your equipment is set up. For example, putting timers on printers and photocopiers to make sure they switch off outside of office hours. Equipment can be set to more low-energy and eco-friendly settings. Doing so can save you energy and put less strain on the pieces of equipment themselves. You can also cover usage of the equipment. Mention things such as your company’s policy on leaving things on standby. You can set policies for printing and minimizing paper use.

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Your office equipment policy can also lay out the procedures for equipment maintenance. These policies will include who carries out maintenance. It may be an employee at the company, or you may have someone visit the office, such as a printer technician from Ricoh London. You’ll also mark which items need periodic maintenance and when it will happen. You can lay out the procedures for keeping records on maintenance checks too. As well as maintenance policies, make sure you have rules for buying new equipment too.

Which Equipment Needs Regular Maintenance?

In a normal office, you’re likely to have computers, printers, photocopiers and other pieces of technology. You should check larger pieces of equipment such as photocopiers regularly. Some countries and localities require you to check equipment that could cause harm often, though they don’t always specify a time-frame. Electrical devices need to be checked to make sure they won’t breakdown, and to make sure you and your employees are safe too. It’s up to you how often you perform checks, but you may choose to do it between every 6 months to a year.

Who Should Perform Maintenance?

Maintenance should be performed by a knowledgeable and appropriate person. Many suppliers of office equipment will also have maintenance people who can come out and do your maintenance checks. This can be the easiest way of making sure someone carries out your office maintenance checks as sometimes the service is free. You may have someone in the office who can lend a helping hand, but it’s more likely you’ll need to hire a maintenance service.