The Simple Way to Start Your Own Jewellery Business

Do you have a passion and talent for creating nice jewellery designs? You could potentially start your own business, bringing in extra cash or perhaps even a full time wage! Jewellery is very popular given as a gift, or even purchased for personal use. There are hundreds of different designs and materials you can try, but there’s a lot of competition so you must be committed to getting your business off the ground. Here’s the simplest way to start your own jewellery business:

Design Jewellery

Before you begin, you’ll need to spend some time creating attractive designs for yourself, your friends, and your family. Research competition to work out what you can provide that they can’t.

Get the Tools You Need Together

You’ll need to find a wholesale source to get the tools and materials you need to make your jewellery at little cost to you. You need to save as much as you can on production costs without sacrificing quality to make sure you can make the maximum profit possible. An inventory system should make it easier for you to order supplies when you need them.

Put Together a Business Plan

Who are your target customers? Write a business plan based around them. Try to create a niche by working out what sets your jewellery apart from the other designers. Write down everything in a business plan so you can look back at it and follow it when you need to.

Come up With a Price List

You’ll need to take into account how long it takes you to make different pieces, the supply cost, and operating costs. Come up with a reasonable price list to make sure you get buyers.

Where Will You Sell Your Jewellery?

You could open a physical store, sell online, or both. You could even sell online but visit trade shows when you can, armed with a jewellery display, and host jewellery parties. Work out where you’ll best be able to target your ideal customer and go from there.

Create a Logo and Brand Your Business

Come up with a catchy name, colour scheme, logo, and other branding elements for your business. Remember that building an excellent brand isn’t just about the logo/name of your business, but the service you provide too.

Market Your Jewellery

Marketing your jewellery is essential to your success. Hand our brochures, advertise in magazines, build a website, get active on social media, try PPC campaigns, and other great ways to spread the word.

Learn About Running a Successful Business

Read books, articles, and even do courses to learn all about running a successful business. The more you know, the better!

Always Improve Skills and Design

You should always strive to improve your techniques, skills, and design. Keep up with trends in the industry and even take classes if you need to.

Now all you need to do is be committed and consistent, and you’ll have your own jewellery business! Thanks for reading; let us know how it went in the comments.

Image credit: Patricia Figueira on Flickr.