The Top Business Tablets

Being able to keep up with current news, perform transactions, send emails and write proposals on the go has got to be one of the top advantages of using tablet for your business dealings. Many companies have been eager to get in on all this tablet action, which means as a consumer there are so many brands to choose from, where does one start?

The type and volume of business you conduct should lead you in the right direction. Microsoft has recently released the new Surface Pro 2 tablet. This dynamic tablet comes with the full, new Microsoft 8.1 operating suite, giving you all the productivity power of a desktop with the option of using the docking station that supports external displays. With its 10.6-inch display, this tablet is definitely a front runner and starts retailing at around $899.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is ideal for the writers and chronic note takers among us. Samsung has generously included $700 worth of prepaid subscriptions and the Hancom Office Suite. The tablet also features remote PC software and Cisco WebEx Meetings functionality so you can be as effective in or away from the office. The pen-enabled accessory is a stand-out feature on this tablet, as is the fact that you can open up to four tabs simultaneously with Samsung’s Multi Window feature.

 If you’re a frequent traveller the new Google Nexus 10 tablet is lightweight, fast and features the highest resolution in the world. This tablet is a perfect fit for graphic and video intensive business operations with its sharp and vivid visual display. The Nexus 10 also enables you to run business meetings for up to nine people using Google instant messaging, and retails from around $399.

 There is a wide range of business-use tablets on the market at the moment with companies manufacturing more customised versions almost daily, so whatever your current or future business requirements are, rest assured there is a tablet out there for you.