The Ultimate Guide To Running A Successful Competition Online

If you want to gain more clients than you have right now, a competition is an excellent marketing tool. As you know, people love the idea of getting something for nothing. If you offer people a chance to win something online, they will be happy to spread your company message all over the internet. For you, that means that you get some super cheap marketing for your business. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Here is how you can run an online competition (and get people to talk about your business).

Step 1 – Decide what the prize will be

Okay, the prize needs to be fantastic if you want people to care enough to enter your competition. You must not make the mistake of choosing something cheap for your prize or nobody will bother engaging with this campaign. Give something away that people can’t buy. For example, you could give a limited edition version of your product away online. Think long and hard about what the prize will be.



Step 2 – Create an easy to understand process

How will people enter your competition? You need to create a system so that people can enter online with ease. For example, you might publish the competition on Facebook and ask people to like and share it for a chance to win. If you want to add an extra dimension to the process, you could also ask people a question and have them write the answer in a comment on your page. The point of this is to get as many people as possible engaging with you online. The more people that engage with you, the more visible you are to other users.

Step 3 – Design some engaging marketing imagery

When you launch a competition, you need to ensure that people see it. It should be visually attractive, or people will not notice it. Have your design team create an attractive flyer that you can publish online. You should also put a copy of this image on your website somewhere so that everybody knows about your competition.

Step 4 – Expand your reach

You should not confine yourself to using only social media platforms to market the competition. Instead, you need to find different ways in which to reach out to your customers. Newsletter marketing is an easy way to write direct messages to people. If you have a database of email addresses, you can use that to your advantage. Send people a message directing them to your social media platforms or the competition page itself.

Step 5 – Make entering simple (and super quick)

If you make it too complicated to enter, nobody will bother with your competition. People don’t have hours and hours to waste online. They will do things so long as it doesn’t take too much time. If you ask people to do a million different things before they enter your competition, they will just ignore it. You should make it super quick and easy to enter so that hundreds (or even thousands) of people enter straight away.

Step 6 – Set a deadline for the competition

You need an end date for your competition before you launch it. Your users need to know when you will announce the winner. If you don’t tell people when the competition ends, they might not bother entering it at all. That would be an awful shame. You need to do everything you can to get people to take an interest in the competition. Set a clear date when you will announce the winner and ensure that this date is on all your promotional material. Many companies find success when they start modern marketing techniques. Running an online competition is a simple way to gain extra followers so why wait?