Tips For Modernising Your Office

When redesigning an office, your aim should be to make it as open and welcoming as possible to keep staff happy. While they don’t have direct say over the design of the office, it should remind them that they are occupying a friendly space, an environment that encourages them to do better. For an office to remain accessible, it must be updated regularly, as this shows you are open to change. Here are some tips for modernising your office.

Colours and Lighting

Natural lighting has been proven to enhance working ability, which is vital when one is couped up in an office for most of the day. To be reminded of open air, in any way possible, will benefit the general vibe of the office. So if there is a balcony included on your office floor, make it as easy as possible for your staff to use it. Put out furniture for break time, ensure it’s kept clean and keep the access in good nick. Staff will be put off of their outdoor area if it’s hard to get to, so consider contacting a service that deals in sliding glass door repair such as AJ Doors to ensure the access door is in top condition. It might also be worth painting the office walls and the external walls with a brighter colour, something vibrant that will lift everyone’s spirits further.


Modernising is about upgrading the office so that it doesn’t fall behind and become less relevant over the years. An upgrade could be as simple as opening up the spaces in-between desks, rather than boxing them in like you would a separate room. Office cubicles don’t encourage collaboration; they encourage mischief and anti-social behaviour. In fact, anything restrictive in a workplace is more likely to create a barrier between the employer and the employee, so think about breaking this custom by creating more space for teamwork and general association. It’s also very important that you remain aware of the ever-growing range of office technology available (efficient Wi-Fi, decent computers, etc.)

Get Rid of Clutter

Appearing down-to-earth is important in a work environment, but clutter is another thing entirely. Clutter gives the impression that you are not only a bit too comfortable, but also less open to future prospects. To avoid this impression, avoid any unnecessary disorder from the office, such as the presence of loose files or boxes that belong in storage. Allow room for new clients and workers by being minimal, as this shows that you are organised and willing to change, if need be.

Making changes to your office is not only about appropriating it for modern times. As stated earlier, it’s about providing your employees with a sense of comfort when they walk through the door. An appealing design should also motivate any clients to collaborate with you in the future. In other words, the design of your office is not just about your personal taste (although this is still important), it’s about the ease it gives your visitors when they walk through the door. Essentially, modernising your office will amount to happy workers who will be willing to stand by your side.