Transform Your Desk Space

Whether you work from home or go into an office, your desk space is crucial to your productivity and let’s face it, also your general mood on most days. A cluttered or messy work space can annoy you before you even sit down and an empty or sparse desk can make the day seem longer than it is.

So it’s important to use the space you have to inspire and motivate you to want to be there and work on something great.

Computer, printer and phone wires and cords are such a hazard for your feet. Put in one or two hooks underneath your desk to loop the cords through and keep them out of your way. Notice and peg boards are another great idea if you don’t have a lot of desk space, just pin all those papers out of the way and up on a board, this also helps to keep everything visual so you don’t lose track of your projects.

If space is an issue, wall mounted shelves can also serve as desks. Space them so that you have enough work desk space and a few stacking shelves for all your documents, printers and stationery.

Some companies have their own policies on personal items in work spaces, but usually one or two small items are allowed. If the rules are really strict though, there are ways around them such as having some fun photos of friends and family as your PC screen saver, having colorful accessories such as stationery dispensers, seat cushions or phone docking stations. 

If you work from home then the options are endless. A quick coat of spray paint can transform an old dish rack into a document holder, or you can position your desk near a window for some inspiration from the world. A well decorated divider is perfect for creating a space that feels different from the rest of your home, a productivity epicenter!