Treat Your Best Customers Next Christmas With These Amazing Gift Ideas

December is a time of the year where the pace of work begins to slow down. People are thinking about Christmas Day. They are also thinking about spending time with their families and what presents to get their loved ones.

In the business world, December is often a busy time of year until Christmas week. Because consumers are thinking about gift ideas, retailers have to cope with the extra demand. But what about companies that don’t sell to individual consumers?

Some of those companies may still be busy if they have to supply retailers with products and services. For those that don’t, December can prove to be a quiet time of year. There is one thing that all firms can agree on. Individuals and business-to-business customers don’t spend much in January!

To combat this lull in revenue, it is important to generate as much revenue as possible in December. One clever way that people can do this is by sending a Christmas gift to their clients! OK, so you have to spend money to send out gifts. So, why should you do this?


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Let’s face it; we all love to receive gifts from other people! It makes us happy and keeps the sender in the individual’s mind. The latter reason is why companies send out corporate gifts. It’s a proven fact that sales get generated off the back of corporate gifts! If you are new to this concept, here are some gift ideas to help get you started.

Stationery set

Everyone that owns or works at a business uses stationery. And it’s a well-known fact that office gremlins steal people’s pens and notepads when they’re not looking!

To help your customers combat this problem, you could send them out a stationery set with your corporate branding on it! Pens, notepads, even USB sticks with your logo and contact details on them will keep you fresh in the minds of your clients.

It’s a cheap and effective way of making your brand memorable.


Do you advocate the concept of a paperless office? If so, you could do a new take on traditional Christmas cards by sending e-cards instead! In a nutshell, e-cards are all animated and personalized messages that you can send your customers online.

Places like the Ecard Shack let you design some brilliant e-cards. They are cheaper to send out because there are no postage costs to pay. And you can guarantee they will get to their recipients. Which is more than can get said for postal services during the holiday season!


Everyone loves food! So why not celebrate that fact by sending your valued clients some Christmas hampers? There are plenty of companies that specialize in making up bespoke hampers.

If you know your clients have a penchant for a particular food or drink, you can use that fact to send them a tailored hamper! These are the ultimate choice for memorable Christmas gift ideas. Sometimes the way to get more business is to bribe customers with food and drink!