What are the top countries for international business?

There are many investment opportunities available abroad; however, some countries are easier to conduct business in than others. Some countries also have more room for growth and profit potential than others. Developing and emerging countries often have the strongest potential for exponential growth; and investors do not necessarily have to invest a large portion of money to get in on a lucrative opportunity. Sometimes, you may even be able to combine a passion or cause with a good investment. For example, if you are concerned about the environment, you may want to look into the renewable energy sector in developing countries. There is a strong demand for energy that will continue to increase as more countries increase their wealth and the worldwide population rises. Here are a few of the countries that encourage foreign investors with their easy regulations and openness to opportunity.




Denmark is highly dependent on foreign trade. The country is a net exporter of food and energy. At the same time, they are an advanced country with a high standard of living. While they have a strong manufacturing sector, they depend on imported goods to fuel this industry. Denmark also has an extensive renewable energy industry that may be a good investment. While real estate prices have yet to recover from their fall during the global recession, now may be a good time to invest in commercial and other types of real estate.


Hong Kong


One of the world’s leading shipping hubs, Hong Kong has a wealth of opportunities. Those that have purchased real estate in Hong Kong have seen huge returns. With an incredible yearly increase in GDP of 2.9 percent, it is no wonder that Hong Kong looks good to investors. Rapid growth means that there is room for those that invest to obtain quick returns.




Dubai business space and real estate is growing in demand; however, it can currently be purchased for a fraction of the cost of comparable properties in cities such as London, England. These low prices will not last forever though. M1 Group Limited is a holding company based in Dubai that can help you to take advantage of investment opportunities. They will make sure that all your investments are properly documented and managed for your long-term financial future. It is always advisable to consult local experts when moving into an unfamiliar market, as they can give you solid advice on maximizing your chances of success.


New Zealand


New Zealand has seen an impressive 2.5 percent growth in their GDP. This is rapid growth in a time when many countries are still struggling to regain any growth at all. With yearly incomes on the rise, New Zealanders find themselves with more disposable income. As the country is majestic and beautiful, the country also has a lucrative tourism industry, which boasts potential for growth in all related areas, such as hospitality, and transportation.


Smart investing made easy


Seeking good advice about how to conduct business on an international level is essential to ensuring that your investments are handled correctly. There are many opportunities for international trade; identifying those that are right for you and your business will ensure that you are seeing returns sooner than you expect.