What Is Ambient Advertising And How Can It Work For You?

Being a creative marketer means more than just thinking up social media campaigns. There are many other streams that you can use to get your message out there. You may have heard of ambient advertising, but do you know what it is? The form of advertising is fantastic if you want people to see your brand out on the streets. The method uses everyday scenarios to promote brands. The best way to get to people is to normalize your product. If people see your branding every single day, they will learn to love your brand. Brand affiliation can make your company successful when you get it right. Here is a quick guide to ambient advertising and how it can work for your company.

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The use of everyday objects in advertising

One of the easiest ways that you can use this form of media is by using ordinary objects. For example, a bike on the street corner is just a bike. Paint it a bright color and put your name on it, though, and it becomes a creative advert for your company. People have become numb to traditional advertising methods. When they see an advert in an unexpected place, it sticks in their mind.

Advertising in unusual and inventive places

Whilst we are on the subject of advertising in different places, let’s talk location. Location is everything when you are running an advertising campaign. You need to choose a place where your key demographic will see your advert. You should also look for a place where people will have time to stop and stare. For example, many companies find that putting an advert on men’s urinals is a great way to grab people’s attention. While people are at the urinal, they will be looking forward. That means that they have no choice, but to notice the advert.

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Enlarging products and objects

You may have seen this method before and not realized what a great advert it was. Many companies choose to enlarge their product and put it on the street for everybody to see. If you were walking down the street and saw a giant Coors bottle, like the one above, you would stop and stare at it. This tactic works because it is surprising. You don’t expect to see a giant beer bottle, and so you look at it because it is unusual. Many outdoor ads in San Diego famously use this tactic in their campaigns, and it works.

Shock tactics in modern marketing

You will notice that many charities use shock tactics and ambient media to share their message. For example, a health organization might put a huge decaying cigarette in the street. That installation would work well as part of an anti-smoking campaign. Shocking people with something that they would rather ignore is a surefire way to get attention. For example, you could set up a hoax crime scene to raise awareness about the dangers of drink driving. People are naturally curious when they see a crime scene. When they investigate the situation, they will realize that the advert is a warning. It will warn them against driving under the influence.

Interactive media

If you are planning to install some ambient advertising on the streets, you might want to make it interactive. People love things with which they can play. For example, if your company is releasing a tablet, you can put a giant version of the tablet in a busy area. People will stop and play with the tablet because it will be a huge novelty. When people play, they will be learning about your brand. People don’t realize that this is an advert, yet it can do wonders for your company.