What You Need for a Productive Office Environment

A productive office environment is essential if you want to get things done. The second you stop working in a productive environment is when your business will run into problems. In this guide, we’re going to talk about what you need to keep things running smoothly:

Happy Staff

Happy staff is a must have for a productive office environment. They come before anything else – you can have all of the fancy equipment in the world, but if your staff are unhappy, you’re not going to get very far. So, just how do you get happy staff? You make sure that you hire the best staff for the job, and then treat them like they deserve to be treated. Show them they are important to you, and thank them for their hard work. Keeping morale high is the only way to ensure a productive office environment!

Appropriate Equipment and Furniture

Although fancy equipment isn’t the most important thing, it can still help contribute towards a productive environment. Providing your staff with equipment they need to complete the job is only fair. Make sure you aren’t trying to cut corners with your equipment/furniture and that it’s appropriate for the job at hand. Your staff need to be comfortable, whether they’re using boardroom seating or sat at their desks.


Providing your staff with inspiration is a good way to keep them motivated. You could have an inspiring quote on a noticeboard each week, along with goals for the week and achievements. Make sure you put anything you feel will lift your staff up as inspiration on the noticeboard.

A Place to Relax

All staff need to get away from their desks from time to time, so make sure they have a place to relax. This could be a nice kitchen/lounge area where they can cook and eat their lunch in peace. Make sure you insist that they get away from their screens at lunch time. Maybe even get some fresh air if they can. It’ll perk them up and get them ready for the second half of the day!


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Clear Rules

Having clear rules in place will mean there can’t be any crossed wires over what is acceptable and what isn’t. Make sure the rules are reasonable, and that everybody is aware of them when beginning work for you. If rules are broken, make sure you treat each person the same. You might give a written warning, a verbal warning, or dismiss them immediately depending on which rule was broken. If somebody is constantly upsetting other staff members and hindering productivity, you are within your rights to dismiss them after a warning.

A Reward System

Have a reward system in place so your staff have an incentive to work hard. Maybe you could give out bonuses, prizes, or an employee of the month award. You could even treat them to donuts on a Friday!

Make sure you’re consistent and there’s no way you can’t have a productive office environment. Be a good boss and you’ll reap the rewards!