Who to Talk to When Work Becomes Unfair

While not everyone is lucky enough to be in a job they love, work should never be something that creates intense feelings of stress, anxiety or misery. No matter what your position is, certain factors sometimes exist that create more significant feelings than simple Mondayitis. It doesn’t matter if it’s colleagues who forgot high school is over or a boss who puts the ‘personal’ in Personal Assistant, there is always someone you can talk to for help.

Your Superior

If the problem is workmates who take it upon themselves to make life unpleasant for you, then logically, the first person to turn to is your employer. Hopefully they are attentive and take your problem seriously enough to put a quick end to your troubles. Do your research first and don’t be afraid to speak firmly; knowing your next course of action will demonstrate the seriousness of the issue. When you mention taking a problem higher, you employer will know you mean business.


In larger, well-established companies that have a Human Resources department, it is essential to know how to get in touch and any relevant policies or procedures. Part of a HR officer’s role is to create a safe and happy workplace, so if something is bothering you, you should be able to go to them for advice or to make a formal complaint. Take advantage of their experience in conflict resolution and feel prepared to implement strategies they may give you. Having HR on your side will likely facilitate positive resolutions as well as helping the company to handle similar situations in the future.

Your Union

Unions exist to protect your rights at work, as well as life outside of work. They not only provide expert advice on wages, conditions and rights, but can also assist with any workplace problems. Joining an industry-specific union can provide all sorts of benefits, so it is definitely worth doing a bit of research and investing in a membership. Your union will not only help you as an individual, but will engage those within your industry to fight for collective higher wages and working conditions.

A Lawyer

Sometimes workplace issues are not easily dealt with, or the problem is in dealing with your boss. When trouble like this crops up in your life, it might be time to get legal advice. Gone are the days of legal representation only being for the very wealthy – quality firms such as Sinnamon Lawyers., who specialise in public liability and workplace injury compensation, often offer obligation-free advice over the phone. This gives you a chance to find out if you have a possible case before you even step foot in an office.

No matter what the problem is, always try and document any incidents. Keep notes including dates and descriptions and include any relevant supporting documentation. Try to keep track of inappropriate emails, solid evidence supporting your promotion or statements from colleagues. Also record what steps you take to try and resolve the issue – the effort you go to will reflect well on you.

When something at work is unfair and impacting your performance, happiness or daily life, don’t be afraid to tackle it head-on. Have you gone through the conflict-resolution process successfully? Did you take an issue further and win? Share your experiences with others who may be in the same boat below.