Why Workers’ Compensation Insurance Is Necessary for Tradespeople  

There are a few things in life that aren’t absolutely necessary – you won’t always use an iron, that fancy new kitchen gadget will probably be stowed after two uses, and your surround system probably won’t get pumped as often as you imagined it would – but, when it comes to workers’ compensation insurance, you may never find a more important investment. Particularly if you’re a tradesperson, you should never overlook it.

Why Specifically Tradespeople?

There are few lines of work that can be as physically demanding or potentially damaging as working in a trade. This is why it’s important that, as a tradesperson, you cover yourself financially in the very possible case of a workplace injury. While office workers may be at risk of carpel tunnel syndrome from excessive typing, you may be dealing with heavy or dangerous machinery, chemicals, building sites, and a variety of other potential hazards. There’s no need to be shy about it – your work carries a higher potential for physical harm, so it stands to reason that you have a greater need for comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance.

Accidents Happen

Unless you have the ability of foresight (in which case you’ve probably won the lottery and aren’t working anymore anyway), you have no way of knowing if or when an accident might occur. The only protection you can really apply against this is proper workers’ compensation insurance. Of course, insurance isn’t always failsafe, so if you feel you aren’t being looked after as you expected, it is always worth contacting a professional in the industry like Patinos, just to make sure your best interests are covered.

You Can’t Foresee Others’ Mistakes

Even if you are the perfect worker and almost never make mistakes, you are still working in an environment that involves other people. And just because you are safe doesn’t mean someone else around you isn’t a bit lax. It may not even be anyone’s fault, but this doesn’t change the fact that your good practices won’t necessarily shield you from incident. Never assume that your own precautions will be enough.

Will Your Cover Be Enough?

So, when you do decide to take out workers’ compensation insurance, the next big question is: Did I take out the right cover? The simple measuring factor is this: If you were to suffer a career-ending injury tomorrow, would your insurance be enough to support you and your family? Working in a trade – and choosing the insurance to cover yourself for it – really is that serious; you never know what could happen.

Soon Isn’t Good Enough

Plenty of tradespeople may put off getting insurance, or only have partial cover, for as long as they can, but this is a mistake. Insurance companies may be more doubtful about providing full cover and may question when sustained injuries first showed up. Get covered now so you don’t have to worry about this.

When did you decide to get proper insurance? Have you personally experienced why this is an essential investment for people working in a trade? Share your story below.