Why Your Business Shouldn’t Rely On Organic Search Engine Results Alone

One of the key ingredients to a successful marketing strategy is setting up an online presence. To do this, you would build a website and create profiles on various social media networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Part of any online marketing strategy is to have third parties link to your site in some way. SEO experts have long noted the positive effects that inbound links have on sites. Even Google recommends this, as long as the sites that link to you are relevant to your content.

Some business owners believe “organic” links are all that’s needed to make their sites rank well in search engines. But, here’s the thing: in 2015, organic search engine results aren’t enough to drive traffic to your website!


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Confused? Let me explain!

Search engine algorithms change all the time

It doesn’t matter whether you hire an SEO expert, or you perform DIY search engine optimization for your website. It’s a well-known fact that search engine algorithms change on a regular basis.

Search engines like Google release periodic “algorithm updates.” In a nutshell, this means they change the way URLs rank for a particular keyword or phrase search. One day your website might be at the top of page one for your chosen keyword. The next, it might be at the bottom of page 451!

The Web is full of people moaning about how their sites got penalized by search engines despite doing nothing wrong. But when you use pay-per-click advertising, it doesn’t matter what search engines do.

Your ad will still show up for your chosen keywords and phrases. As long as the content is relevant, and your bid is high, such results will show up on the first page!

PPC management is easy when someone else does it

Other website owners realize that organic search engine results are not to be relied upon. They also know how PPC advertising is vital to their online marketing strategies. That’s why they will do what they can to out-maneuver your ads and get to the top spot instead of you!

Instead of getting stressed out with keeping your site at the top spot, there is another way to handle things. Just have an expert take care of your PPC campaigns for you instead!

People like www.toprankdigital.co.uk deal with PPC campaigns for their clients all the time. In the business world, it makes sense to pay someone else to do this for you. That way, you can concentrate on other areas of the business.

There are other search engines apart from Google

OK, so you might use Google for searching the web. But that doesn’t mean other people do! There are still millions of web users that go on Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines.

If you SEO your website to perform well on Google, there’s no guarantee the same outcome will apply on the other search engines. That’s because each service has their own unique search engine algorithms.

PPC ads overcome such barriers and make it easier for website owners to reach their target audiences.