Why Your Website Is Not Working

Having a website is essential in today’s business world. If that is true for established business, then it is ten times more important if you are just setting out. So much advice is handed out on how to design the site. The implication is that looks alone will invite your customers to buy your product or service. Sadly that is not the case.

It may be that up to three-quarters of websites are failing to do the very thing you need them to. They are either not bringing in traffic, or if they are, that traffic is not being converted into sales. That is tragic for your business. If this is happening, you need to make some changes.

Looks aren’t everything

It is all well and good having a site that uses sumptuous colours and graphics. But if it does not work in all mediums and formats it is going the way of the dinosaurs. Increasingly data is being seen on the ‘go’. That means smartphones and tablets. If your site is not displaying properly in these formats, then it may as well not even be there.


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Social Media calling

You might have the apps and the links, but if you are not using social media properly, you are wasting a massive opportunity to bring in sales. It is not enough just to connect to a Facebook page that is neither updated nor used. You need to be engaging in every aspect of social media. You should be talking up your business. You should be talking about it, drawing people to you with interesting context and relevant links.

Payments should be easy to do and accept

If your business is making it too complicated or even impossible to process payment, then you are losing money. Talk to a company like Payline Data about how you can set up a simple, comprehensive and easy way to process online and mobile payments. The world is turning mobile and if you want your business to succeed, then you need to be prepared for this.


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Seo hot and ready to roll

Is your website linked up to the necessary keywords? Are you using those words in your posts? There is no point having a gorgeous site if it is not talking to or being picked up by the search engines. It simply won’t get a look in and as a result, there will be no traffic. No traffic means no sales.


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Contact and connections.

Your website should be connected to your email. This is a vital link. Potential customers need to make enquiries. This should be a live link that can be easily accessed. How many sales are you losing due to the fact that questions cannot be answered? A long FAQ is a waste of time. Talk to your customers! Let them call you. Where is your phone number? You can work with a call referral service. You can get a memorable number. Sometimes only a phone call will do.

Get past the idea that a good looking website is all it takes. Your website should look good but most of all, it should be working for you and your business.