Why You’re Designing Your Signs Wrong

Having a great sign or two is a great way to attract more business and spread an important message. However, it isn’t just the sign itself that attracts customers and gets you more business. It’s all down to the design. If you’re designing your signs wrong, nothing will get you back a good ROI. Here’s why you’re designing your signs wrong:

You’re Using the Wrong Colour

Colour helps to convey who you are to passers by. Many companies like to use bold colours that they feel represents them. For example, Coca-Cola and their bright red. Perhaps you aren’t using a colour that represents you the way it should when you’re designing your signs. Make sure you add your own personal touch. This will give people a real insight into your business.

You’re Not Using Contrasting Colours

There’s going to be some text on your signs no doubt, so you need to use contrasting colours to make sure it’s easy to read. If your colours aren’t all that different, people won’t be able to read it very well and may even give up altogether. Colours that work well together are:

  • Black and white.
  • Black and yellow.
  • Blue and white.

Your Font Isn’t Big Enough

The bigger your font, the better! It depends where your sign is and how big it’s going to be of course, but you want your sign to be as easy to read as possible.

You’re Overcrowding It

You should include only very important information in your sign. Nobody likes an overcrowded, busy looking sign that is an eyesore to look at. Your sign should convey who you are, what you do, and how well you do it as simply as possible. You want people to be able to read and understand it in just a few seconds, whether you’re making custom signs in Los Angeles or Texas.

Your Pictures Aren’t Good Enough (or are None Existent)

Graphics on signs can be worth so much more than words if you get them right. Let’s pretend you make cakes, and you want your sign to get you more exposure. Instead of saying you make the best cakes, using a picture of one of your most delicious looking creations might be more effective. Show them, don’t tell them.

You’ve Used the Wrong Font

Font is just as important as size and colour. Some fonts have been proven to be easier to read than others. You don’t want people to squint when they attempt to read what you’re saying! Also, different fonts can convey different images. For your cake business, you may like to use a font that’s a little fun and carefree. The same font would not be appropriate for a doctor’s office. Think about what you want your sign to say about you and your business and keep that in mind when selecting the font.

One small sign with only a few sentences can really speak a thousand words. When you take into account the impact that colour, size, font, and pictures can make, you’ll start designing the best signs possible. Have you made any of the mistakes listed here? Leave a comment to let us know. Good luck with all of your future signage!

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